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A conversation is all about give and take. This holds especially true in seminar courses, where students having lots of conversations with the people around you for the entire semester. It’s easy to talk a lot during a college seminar, and less easy to listen to others. Try to balance your speaking with listening. Hearing others’ input will help you shape your thoughts and opinions more cohesively so you can more meaningfully contribute to the conversation.
During college, student may encounter a specific type of course format: the seminar. College seminar courses are typically small, and are generally led by a professor. They are often higher-level classes that focus on a specialized subject area in a given major or minor. Students are expected to participate regularly in college seminars, including giving presentations and participating in discussions.
There are many ways that students can succeed in a college seminar course, including emphasizing their participation, remaining distraction-free, and actively listening during class sessions.



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