Dear Aspirant,

Welcome to VITS, fast upcoming Engineering Institute of Uttar Pradesh.

The world is changing rapidly and so are the challenges that face tomorrow's technocrats, professionals, managers and leaders. Gaining state-of-the-art knowledge both in the theory and practice is vital to be successful in today's dynamic environment.

A successful technocrat is one who is creative and innovative, who has problem solving aptitude and skills at his command, and who is able to participate in multi-cultural and multi-national environment.

VITS will make endeavors to provide a conductive and congenial milieu where all the three components of a personality - body, mind and soul grow harmoniously and in perfect equilibrium. We will encourage and welcome free and frank queries from you in all facets of life in and out of the class rooms which will shun out your hesitation and shyness and promote confidence in you for further learning. In fact VITS do not intend only to teach you, but make you to learn. VITS will elevate you by training, by making you to accept mentally and subsequently in your heart that you have gone beyond conventional ways. In this way, VITS will help to make you broadminded.

At VITS, class rooms are being equipped with Digital technologies to modernize the teaching- learning process with a focus to sharpen the problem solving skills of the students. We also intend to impact basic knowledge of cutting edge technologies which are beyond the coverage of prescribed syllabus of the University. VITS will also arrange a number of programs and intra and extra-curricular activities round the semester for identification of your personality and its development. State-of-the-art lectures and exposure to the industries/corporate will be a common feature in the education at VITS.

I am sure that you will feel yourself that you are in safer hands when you choose VITS for your B.Tech. or MBA course, as your sagacity will see you through the challenges that might envelope you when you step out in the murky market of die-hard Technocrats/Professionals/Managers.

Dr. Hamid Hasan